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Middle-Eastern Food


Private catering in your home

Dinner Parties. Buffet spreads. BBQs.

We specialise in Mid-Eastern cuisine, and bring a refreshing contemporary take on traditional Arabic & Turkish recipes.


Our dishes are nutritious, healthy and tasty, combining different textures and colours with the subtle flavours of aromatic spices, herbs, nuts and fruits.

On offer is a wide range of delicious recipes - instead of just the usual widely available falafel, hummus or kebabs.


Many dishes are served as part of a Mezze [meh-zay], a collection of hot and cold, small plate helpings of meat, vegetables, salads and dips. Served hot and cold, as a course in its own right or as appetizers before a main dish, mezze is for sharing among groups of people. It is similar in concept to sushi in Japan, tapas in Spain or antipasto in Italy.



With a large emphasis on vegetables, our food is particularly loved by vegetarians and indeed all those with an interest in healthy eating. Dishes can be easily adapted to suit those with special dietary requirements.

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“Highly recommend this great outside caterer. Awesome food. If I was judging on Masterchef I’d be talking about layers and layers of flavours and textures.”


“Many thanks indeed for the delicious Arabic food you delivered to our supper evening.  People loved the mix of food and the amazingflavours.”

"There's been nothing but high praise for the fantastic food and your friendly and fuss free service."

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